Sunday, November 13, 2005

Economics of Thanksgiving

I know it is a little early for Thanksgiving talk since it is still a couple of weeks away, but here is the question anyway:

What do you think are the economic effects of Thanksgiving?

Or you could just discuss the economic effects of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Again, the more creative the answers, the better. For example, I thought one of the best answers about the economics of Halloween was from Andrew, who talked about how all of the planning of Halloween parties and leaving work early to get little kids dressed up in their costumes, would probably cause a decrease in productivity that day.


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving has a huge impact on the economy. In order for all the families to get together many people have to fly in, increasing sales for the airlines. Also, some rent cars inorder to get home from the airport. A lot of big new family movies also open on thanksgiving day due to the fact that the holiday revolves round families. Grocery stores also see an increas in sales due to the increase need of food. John Garrison

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving weekend draws in huge crowds at the airport, which in turn brings in increased profits for all of the airlines. Food companies that sell traditional Thanksgiving food items such as turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and pie (god, that all sounds so good) receive increased profits, as people buy them in greater quantity all at the same time basically. Certain restaurants also rake in more money, as some people like to have Thanksgiving dinners at fancy restaurants. The movie industry sees bigger box office receipts as well during Thanksgiving weekend.

-Ravi Bhatia