Thursday, May 18, 2006

See You in August

As an FYI, this blog will not see any new posts for awhile due to AP exams and the summer. The blog will pick up in August again when my next AP Microeconomics class begins.

For any of my students who read this, you can continue to be updated with thoughtful, interesting applications of economics by visiting Marginal Revolution, Freakonomics blog, or Greg Mankiw's blog, among others.


Hagar the Horrible said...
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Hagar the Horrible said...

also, for all of you who may be wondering what wonderful thing you can do when you keep up with economics, you can read what the people in my graduate program are up to at the Kennedy School of Government MPA/ID: How I Saved the World in 60 Days blog. No guarantees that you will learn anything about economics, however.