Monday, March 26, 2007

Economic Effect of the Final Four in Atlanta

Here is a question from Carrie:
Normally, hosting a national event benefits a city's economy: out-of-towners patronize local hotels, restaurants, and stores. But when Atlanta hosted the NBA All-Star game four years ago, the overcrowding was terrible and traffic was awful for days; Las Vegas had some similar problems with the game this year. How will Atlanta's hosting of the Final Four next week be different? Should the city take any precautions to prepare for such a big crowd?
There is a lot of debate on how much hosting big sporting events benefits cities. These supposed benefits are used to justify public funding of stadiums and arenas. What do you think about the effect of having the Final Four in Atlanta this weekend? Give specific ideas on the economic effects.

(Source: Carrie S.)


Anonymous said...

This saturday, March 21st, the Final Four will be held in Atlanta's own Georgia Dome. Thousands of people will flock to Atlanta only to see this game, and maybe for the championship on april 2. Although this flock of people will hurt the city from a traffic standpoint, or maybe a crowding stanpoint, however i can't see how the benefits dont outweight these costs. The people most negatively affected are probably the Atlanta police and traffic control officers, who will most certainly have their hands full. However, when people migrate into atlanta, it helps local businesses, local restaurantes, and local hotels. Local business as a whole is boosted greatly, especially those in the vicinity of the Dome. There is no chance that the increased traffic or overcrowded bars, restaurantes, and hotels can outweigh the advantages of holding such an event in Atlanta. Besides, the only people who really have to sit in the traffic are those going to the game, unless you happen to be driving through the city at six P.M. on a saturday on your way to somewhere other than the Final Four.


Anonymous said...

The benefits of having the Final Four in Atlanta this year outweigh the costs. There will be thousands of people staying in hotels, eating at restaurants, buying jerseys, paying for parking, and tickets to the game. All of this money is helping Atlanta as a whole, and will definitely increase the eoonomy for the time being. Although there are some costs such as traffic, the city isn't losing any money because of this. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a big sports event in your city because although there are minor problems, your economy will benefit greatly.